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First Auto Parts are pioneers with 8 years experience in converting your Ford Transit from an Auto Shift Manual to a Full Manual Transmission.

Over time, wear and tear, your Ford Transit automatic transmission may require replacement as individual parts within your Ford Transit gearbox wear out. This can frequently be a costly expense both in time and dollar value due to the number of intricate parts within the Auto Shift Manual Transmission that need to be diagnosed and fixed.

At First Auto Parts we can convert your ASM transmission to a full manual gearbox in a timely and professional manner, so that your Ford Transit is back on the road.

Example Of A Recent Ford Transit Conversion Carried Out At Our Seaford Workshop:

“Thank you for your enquiry in regards to converting the Ford Transit from an ASM to a full manual transmission.

This conversion brings with it many advantages, such as greater control over the vehicle, reduced servicing and repair costs, saving money in the long run, and not to mention increasing your resale value, as the ASM units are known to be troublesome.

In order for us to provide the best quality and to make sure that your vehicle is able to be improved on by our workshop, you will need to provide us with the VIN Number.

We will test and re-use your gearbox after making some in house modifications from your VH-VJ Transit. We will supply and fit the pedal assembly and all necessary wiring, ECU plus reprogramming or replacing as required, linkages, gear shifter, lines, steering wheel and dash fascia. Over the course of 5 business days your troublesome ASM unit will be replaced with a more traditional manual shift.

The unit and all work completed will also come with a 6-month, 20,000km warranty on any parts & labour that have been used or worked on in the process of improving your vehicle.

Example Of Quote for this type of conversion:
Towing from 2621 = $ 675.00
Gearbox with conversion kit (Supplied & Fitted) = $ 5000.00
Brand new clutch (Optional) = $ 1000.00 (OEM Spec Single Mass Includes Flywheel & Thrust Bearing)

All prices quoted are inclusive of 10% GST